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gahhh I wanted to paint prototype/caped Usagi being all cool, but then I got hungry. I’m so excited for the Sailor Moon reboot, guys!! 
(prints will be available at Anime Boston // done in gouache)

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Soft Metallic
Yumi Lambert by Kenneth Willardt for Vogue China June 2014

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A papercut collage illustration of Usagi made in celebration of Sailor Moon Crystal and the re-release of the original anime series :)
Photo taken by the amazing and sweet Katie B &amp; please view it at high res!

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#Sailormoon nails 😍💫💓 by @mamijingu&#160;!!!!’🐰💓 super talented Japanese quality xx #tokyo #neogal #japan #nails #nailarts #jillandlovers @jillandlovers 神宮さんによる手描きのセーラームーン💫😂💓 (at Nail salon Jill&amp;Lovers shibuya)

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 savory waffle by mojocoffee on Flicker.

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